Headed for cover at 330 yards, this bull fell to Wayne’s Nosler from a 7mm WSM. A long poke, prone.

After a hunting expedition in 1873, George Armstrong Custer enthused: “With your rifle I killed far more game than any other … at longer range.” Remington’s Rolling Block had great reach. Ironically, on the Little Big Horn in 1876 …

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FACTORS IN ACCURACY, Part One: Rifles and Shooting

After reading one of today’s shooting magazines, many hunters might reasonably conclude that if their rifle isn’t pillar-bedded, custom-barreled, action-blueprinted, target-crowned, chambered for the latest short magnum, and fitted with a trick-reticle, astronomy-grade riflescope, they’ll be absolutely helpless when confronted with a white-tailed deer. This isn’t so…

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A recent Texas hunt used .308 Winchester rifles with ammo featuring 150-grain Hornady SST’s. The bullets ALL exited, on over 20 animals, including this big feral bore, shot through the neck and shoulder.

Every time we use a bullet on big game, we’re “field-testing,” but too many hunters rely on examples of one. One bullet on one deer doesn’t really mean much, especially if …

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